Jessie "I never loved another person the way I loved myself." -Mae West

The unofficial leader of Team Rocket's trio is a quick thinking female named Jessie. In Japan, her name is Musashi. She's bossy, loud and has a hot temper. She's quite domineering and is usually does take charge of the three. The name Jessie is short for Jessica but she's rarely called that.

Jessie and James once went to a high class Pokemon school but they flunked out because they partied the day before the exam. ^_^.

While she doesn't seem like the stereotypical woman (James is ^_^;;), Jessie does care about her looks. A LOT. If you treasure your life, don't a) damage the face, b) damage the hair, c) interrupt the infamous Team Rocket motto.

Jessie aspires for greatness but it doesn't look like she's ever going to get it. She can actually be very nice, and she's also good at sucking people in. She really does like Pokemon, especially her own, Ekans/Arbok, but can be quite reckless in trying to capture them.

Jessie is good at imitating. Like, she can imitate Kangaskhan and she often imitates people, two examples that come to mind are James and Giovanni. When James went missing, she had to do the Team Rocket speech by herself, which was pretty funny (zipping from one side of the screen to the other, holding a rose for half of it and nothing for the other half, etc).

Without Jessie, Team Rocket would get nothing done at all, she often takes charge and is the most 'evil' of the three. She seems to have no qualms about some of the things they do, she just does her job. She gets angry easily, bossing the others around and shouting at them if they do something she doesn't appreciate.

In the episode 'Bad to the Bone', Jessie shows that she does want to be in the spotlight, a Pokemon Master at the League. She steals badges from her teammates so she can go solo... the difference her absence makes from the team is amazing. When Ash-tachi challenge James and Meowth, they are total cowards without Jessie taking the lead.

Jessie really hates Ash. ^_^. She also hates heights (so does James), police stations (so does James) and girls who sit around waiting for their men to come back to them. Since she's a take charge type, she says that she would just say bye to the man and get on with her life, or find another man.

Jessie is 17 years old but acts older, with a confidence and strength most don't possess. However, she does indulge in childish fantasies at times.

While she seems more nasty and the look on her face is always slightly malicious (it's the eyes!), Jessie isn't heartless and she does have a human side. For example, she has a weakness for cute guys and she really cares about James, even if she says she doesn't and even if she beats him up all the time. ^_^.

Also, despite her megalomaniacal tendencies, she realises that the most important thing is to be happy. She will always stick up for her friends.

I have a site just for Jessie, it's called Flame if you're interested in finding out more about Jessie. It's not updated very often.

Jessie's Pokemon are:

Arbok (evolved from Ekans)

Jessie's voice sample - click here to hear what she sounds like. "Your plan's stupid! I'm not going in that sewer!"

My thoughts on Jessie: Oh, she's cool! ^_^. I like all the main characters as you can tell by now. She's funny and pretty (even if her hair is a bit odd) and I really REALLY like her voice actress. I think she is also not such a bad Pokemon trainer... although I think she should have more faith in her Arbok so it can be stronger.

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